Manage the intake and distribution of your and your customers keys digitally through Keysafemanager

Keysafemanager is a patented system for the intake and distribution of keys

Through a 7-digit code, which is provided to your customer in advance, it is possible to distribute and take in keys without intervention of one of your employees.

Keysafemanager is particularly suitable for rental companies, garage companies, hotels, B&B’s, holiday accommodations, offices and schools. In short Keysafemanager is suitable at all places where u want to take in and distribute keys.

Keysafemanager inside unit for distribution, take in and management of keys

The inside unit has 8 electronic locks which can suspended and locked.
For the input of the information associated with the key you can use the input screen of the touch monitor, but an API is also available to connect Keysafemanager to your own management software.

Distribution of keys
Keysafemanager generates a 7-digit code which enables your customer to receive the corresponding key.
Your customer can use this code only once. The date and time within which the code has to be used is adjustable.
In case of power breakdown the code will be stored in the memory.

Take in of keys
Before returning or leaving a key your customer again receives a 7-digit code with which the key can be placed in Keysafemanager.
To be sure that the right key(s) are returned the take in of keys is recorded by HD camera.

For installation of the inside unit a montage kit is supplied. It is also possible to have the installation done by us.

  • Height: 740 mm Width: 410 mm Depth: 210 mm

Keysafemanager outside unit for receipt and return of keys

The outside unit is waterproof and consists of solid, high quality, brushed stainless steel and is also equipped with LED light so even in the evening and night the outside unit is visible at your building.

The outside unit is divided into three parts:

The upper part is equipped with an illuminated keypad or, optionally, a touchscreen for the input of distribution and take in codes.

The middle part is equipped with a drawer in which the customer can return his or her key. Once the 7-digit code is entered the drawer will open automatically, the customer places the key in the drawer and close the drawer. The key will be forwarded automatically to the inside unit.

The lower part is the distribution box which has a glass-like seal flap. Once the 7-digit distribution code is entered and verified the inside unit will release the key which will be dropped into the distribution box. Thereafter the customer can open the seal flap and take out the key.

For installation of the outside unit a montage kit is supplied. It is also possible to have the installation done by us.
  • Height: 500 mm Width: 284 mm Depth: 331,5 mm
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